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Nom, Nom, Nom

Now listen, you already know this isn’t your typical blog, and at times it reads very provocatively and can be somewhat risque. Well, I like pushing the envelope; I like being a rebel; and I like talking about inappropriate things. And I probably won’t change any time soon, besides you guys like it, that’s why you read them anyway! But honestly, I talk about things that are interesting and what most folks are afraid to discuss because some of y’all stay doing the most with your judgment. LBVS


This is a touchy subject, one I know will have knee-jerk reactions, especially from men, well, from women too, but I just want to ask…

If a man says he likes getting his salad toss and having his prostate “massaged”,  does this automatically make him gay, or at a minimum, bisexual?

Nom, Nom, Nom.

Now let me say his, I am a person that is sexually free in mind and deed. I don’t have too many, if any hangups or mental blocks when it comes to sexuality and how people express themselves. I will say though, based on social programming alone, AND living in Atlanta (which you already know I believe Atlanta has a certain sexual energy on the city that is unparalleled by any comparable metropolitan city) inquiring about a man’s sexuality upfront is something I think would be a wise thing for women to do.

With having said that, I have to admit, even with all my free-thinking, I still have a teeny part of me that struggles with the idea that a man likes me back-dooring him while still considering himself completely heterosexual. Listen, I am not trying to unload this layered subject of sexuality, gender identification, same sex attraction, or sexual fluidity here. Not even. But listen, I live in Atlanta, G – A, and we all know the reputation here.

Look, I’ve looked it up, and research proves that men that like prostate stimulation, including eating their groceries or tossing their salads, or even those that like digital penetration does not mean a man is gay or even bisexual. After all I believe every part of a person’s body, male or female, can be and is meant for sexual gratification. So why are we so hung up on men that like to experience pleasure in their back door, when women do it all the time? I mean I am in groups where women admit to liking…no loving anal sex. Does not the asshole serve the same purpose for a woman as a man and if so, why is it taboo if a man likes his stimulated? Actually, men probably get more pleasure in there because their “G Spot” is actually located all up and through their back door. I mean what is wrong with women knocking on the back door for entrance?

Since moving to Atlanta, I have had some interesting experiences. One such was with a man that I have to admit, the moment he hiked his ass up, I was like “what the entire #^@%#!”



My first reaction was, he has done this before and I just met a down low brother! Shit. I mean, I thought I had the best radar and could spot these brothers a mile away. But this brother was fine, handsome, very masculine, a huge flirt, and a true ladies’ man, all the signs of a player, not a down low brother, right?  But y’all, it was a bit much for me when I saw how comfortable he was with hiking his ass up in the air, and lying on his back with his legs in the air, just like a woman. It was just uncomfortable, but a part of me was like, let this brother live…right? And then I remembered that “research” I mentioned, and I didn’t want to be presumptuous and judgmental and put this brother in a box, and you know me, I’m always giving folks the benefit of the doubt. In hindsight, I’m wondering if I was just being naive. Ultimately, I think my hang ups got the better part of me.

Here are my questions? What’s wrong with a man allowing himself to be pleasured that way orally or by penetration, especially since women do it too? Does it make him bisexual (sex is so fluid now days, does it even matter)?  If a heterosexual man likes for only his woman to penetrate him with her fingers or even a dildo, do you think that is the gateway for sexual exploration with other men? What is wrong with providing pleasure to your mate however they like it? Why can’t men be free enough to explore their bodies the way it is accepted for women to do all kinds of crazy shit? These are all questions I am asking myself, and I want answers, knowing, there is no right or wrong answer. But is there?

Brothers, what do you think? Ladies are you comfortable with pleasuring your man this way if he lets you know he likes this?

Talk to me.

Until next time,

Smooches sugas!




5 thoughts on “Nom, Nom, Nom

  1. I consider myself pretty free when it comes to sex with a man. I have been unable to cross the “asshole” threshold tho. I do agree that an asshole is an asshole man or woman. I struggle with the “does that mean he’s secretely gay” but more than anything…..I WORRIED ABOUT INVOLVING SHIT IN MY SEX. Like is it gone be shit on his finger, my finger, his dick? What we gone with that?! Like we gone stop everything to get clean up and the start over? I never been able to move forward because the thought of that ruins everything sexual about that for me.

    I have had several conversions with women who says it’s fucking amazing . No one has shared any “shit” stories. I’ve heard you are loose afterwards especially if he cums. Again, I can’t get around any of that!!!!

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  2. Heterosexual male responding to say, simply put, if you are in-tuned to your sensuality you understand what stimulates the body. If you’re lucky and have done your research (and experimenting) you may even have a better understanding of what certain places are more stimulating and why. Simple truth, the anus is stimulating for both sexes but as individuals we have thresholds. The limitation or lack there of doesn’t raise the question of that persons gender preference. Iti s the preference only that creates and answers that question.

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  3. I’ve been there and done it before, I’m actually very good at it 😂. My ex loved to explore so we did. I’ll admit, at first seeing his big ass feet in the air while he held his knees moaning looked less than masculine but eventually I turned him over and was cool. I got over it when I made him cry. 😊 Anal play isn’t my thing, but I say let him live. Honesty is the best policy.

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