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Single sisters, can you get down with the get down?

Let me tell you, I love this blog, a lot, but what I get a rise out of most is doing live streams on Facebook, interacting with all my friends. Well, I do status updates and live streams, all befitting of the #SOFA brand, so they actually belong here anyway, but because they are generally spontaneous and organic conversations, ain’t nobody got time to be doing a live stream and/or status update, and then turn around and do a blog! I ain’t doing it. I’ve decided to share a few of the live streams here on the blog. Mind you, they are older than the current blogs, but still relevant content.

For those of you who are only familiar with my writing here, you may wonder “who is this Marla chick, and what is she like?” Well, after listening to this video, you’ll no longer wonder who I am and what I’m like. Trust me on that. And listen, some things I post just to cause a little controversy, don’t think you know where I stand completely on any issue, hell I may change my mind before you draw your conclusion!

Let me set this up; I asked a question on January 13th to my Facebook family, and boy let me tell you, I started a sh&@^! storm that day, but that is nothing unusual for me. LOL  I mean, I was making a simple status update and it garnered so many comments, I lost count, but that happens a lot. I mean, can a sister just ask a simple question? *snickers*

Here is what my status update said verbatim:

Would you rather have a wealthy man that provides everything for you, you never want for anything, you travel regularly, and able to pursue your dreams because he doesn’t mind supporting them financially, but he admits and you are aware that he sleeps with other woman on occasion (with protection)?


Would you rather be involved with a man that is struggling financially, but pays his part (and that is it), but you can’t do much else in life, and you life is predictable and limited, but he is faithful.

FOR THE SAKE OF THIS QUESTION, the rich man cherishes you, and doesn’t bring drama into your home. Also, both men love you and don’t ever plan to leave you because you add value to his life. AND finally, let’s rule out STDs or your health being at risk, and assume he is very careful, never does anything without protection and is into quality more than quantity.


If you want to see the full video with me addressing their responses, follow this link below:

Poor Man or Rich Man? What’s Your Deal-breaker?

Tell me what you would do, leave your comments!

Until next time,

Smooches sugas!


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