Nothing more than a mirror

Yeah, yeah, I’ve been gone a LONG time, your girl got caught up in a relationship. I was love-struck, I was finally off the market, I was one of the lucky girls, FINALLY,  who found someone that fit all my desires. I was no longer part of the singles girls club, I mean it was about time right? Don’t get me wrong, I was in the best place ever in my life, happy, truly happy, so when I met him, I figured it was just my time, besides, that’s what my astrologist told me anyway.  Here I was this summer trying to figure out ways to transition this blog about a single chick into one about, hell, about a single chick with a man, but that kind of defeated the entire purpose of the blog, so I literally stopped writing.

I did the typical things girls do when they get a new man; I hung out with him and left all my social circles. I no longer called my girlfriends on the weekends to see where we were going first because I now had constant plans and consistent, good…well you know.

Oooh wee, he was a charmer, he wined and dined me, money was never an issue, we traveled together, we got up on Saturdays on whims and did things like white water rafting, fun, exciting all-day, unplanned dates. I mean, we went to the opera together, planned holiday trips together, we were even recently planning a ski trip in February and a cruise together in April. Hell, I was living the life wasn’t I? We hit all the restaurants in Atlanta that I had never heard of, and he made me feel like a princess, and he treated me like one, well while I was with him. Aaaah, it was the best, I had never really been in a relationship like this…like this. 

We were picture-perfect, I mean, we looked good together, did we ever. Everyone told us that. The sexual chemistry between us was indescribable, I’m just going to leave it at that. So what the hell happened? I woke up one day and realized, “hey girl, you’re in a dateship, not a relationship”. 

We met in July, it was over by December.

So here it is three days before Christmas, and I finally have the desire to finally start writing again, write about being single and what it’s like to find what you think is love, at this age, and lose it all again; what it’s like to think at your age, you are wise enough to know better, but clearly you are still that hopeful, idealistic little girl searching for her prince, capable of ignoring red flags like the best of us.

What I thought had the potential to be a long-term romance, the potential to be “the one”, ended up being nothing more than a mirror. Napoleon Hill once said “life is a mirror of your consistent thoughts”, and if that is true, then I need to thank my ex and be grateful for this experience, because this relationship showed me what I actually think about myself, and frankly, I’ve had some hard pills to swallow in the last few weeks.


I know most of you all, especially if you follow me on Facebook, are waiting on me to spill the tea because I let you in on my secret about 6 weeks into the relationship and even “snuck” a pic or two of us on Facebook. But I promised myself when I created this blog, I would never write about my personal relationships, and I am going to keep that promise. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share some SHIT that I learned at my age that may give you some insight on what it feels like being single in 2016, navigating the dating scene – in Atlanta.

So look out in the upcoming days for some great content, from talking about the alternative lifestyle scene in Atlanta (you don’t want to miss this one), to discussing salad tossing and back door entry, old ass sociopaths, what is too much going out,  and how single women over 40 fit into all of this, especially here in Atlanta. Boy, do I have a lot of things I want to talk about, but for now, let me just share some thoughts sitting on the top of my brain:

  • When it comes to dating, Atlanta. Be. On. That. Bull. Shit.
  • Age has absolutely nothing to do with nothing.
  • Potential will be the downfall of every woman if she isn’t careful.
  • Being an option is never an option, unless you good with being an option.
  • All this over 45, ’bout dried up D@!*&# running around Atlanta thinking they’re hot, getting all these young women, not realizing they’re being interviewed as sponsors.
  • Four months to me is a long time.
  • I’ve got to stop over-dramatizing love and romance. Shit.
  • You can’t make folks stop doing anything, they will only stop when they get tired.
  • Most single people over 40 need therapists they visit regularly, like, for real!

I’ll elaborate a later, I just wanted to let you all to know…I’M BAAAACK!

Smooches sugas