Restart Required for Updates


I’ve made a decision, I’ve made a deliberate, careful, and definite decision, and it feels right, it just feels good.

I am single, clearly. Not only that, I’m 44 years old, soon to be 45 years old, and I am not married. I have always said marriage is not my end goal, love is; marriage is a result, rather can be a result, of meeting your twin flame, the one receives and accepts your essence. Imagine someone that can “see” you. I don’t mean see you with the physical eyes at all, but I mean see you for who you are, and it’s like they were drawn to you, you literally drew them with your spirit, your vibrations, your intentions, your will.

Ahhhhhh, sounds nice doesn’t it?

Well, I have decided to wipe the slate clean! I had a plan, a definite plan when I relocated here; I knew the people I wanted to meet, the circles I NEEDED to be in to accomplish what I desired. Meaning, I knew I needed to be around people vibrating on a higher level than me so I can grow to the level I needed to be. See, I understand energy and how it affects everything…everything you hear me! Like, everything. ┬áMind you, this is no way slights anyone that is in my circle now, hell I am not even sure I have a circle…come to think of it, I don’t, yeah…

So yeah, clean slate! I want that dude that “sees” me, that is seeking me, and by that I mean, seeking my spirit, seeking the things I will bring to his life and him to mine. The man who is deliberate, and vibrating on a high frequency. For real. You know why, I deserve this. I was on Facebook doing a live stream the other day and realized I was complaining about men who don’t know the art of dating. And I had to stop and do a mirror check. Why am I attracting men who half-assing it anyway? Why am I attracting men who don’t “see” Marla and just pretty much see the surface?

I am going to restart this thing, I am going to update and upgrade and start vibrating on a higher level. And I don’t have much work to do, I just have to allow it to happen. After all, I deserve this.

Stay tuned, this is going to be way more interesting! I am this —> <— close to some major things manifesting for me so I need to update and restart because I need my “system” free from all ego, confusion, ill-intention, and immaturity, and in order to do that, I have to be exactly what it is I desire to attract. It’s that simple.

Smooches sugas!































He Lasted Only Two Minutes!

20160211_215443*Actual photo of event.

For real. That’s all it took.

That’s all the time I had for each man at this speed dating event I went to recently. What, you thought…ooooh, get your mind out of the gutter.

So I have never been speed dating, ever. I’ve always wanted to go and I had my chance not too long ago. I was excited, because who knew, I could have met my “future” in a fast-paced round of musical chairs, and we swoon happily ever after off into the sunset.

*Inserts record scratch here*

That’s not what happened at all. You want my honest opinion? Here you go:┬áspeed dating is a major waste of time. Well it was a major waste of MY time.

Aside from the excitement of having the opportunity to be in front of several handsome, eligible, single men, the truth of the matter, it is an exercise in futility. I mean honestly, I sat there while at least 8 gentleman swapped tables and some even had tifts on who was next to sit at mine. So why then am I against this particular experience? Because not ONE of them was actually matched up with me. Mind you, I am sure there are some more well-put together speed dating events, but this one, ah, let’s just say, they needed some help. Follow up was awful, there was no real rating system, and the two men I actually wanted to be matched with were simply part of the organization filling in because not enough men showed up. Typical right?

How in the world can you determine if someone is a potential match under the pressure of 120 seconds, when the first 30 are spent introducing yourself, and answering the question I got I swear at least 8 times “So, where are you from?” DAMN. Do you realize we have 2 minutes buddy before you have to move on, why do you care where I was born? Shit.

And here is the messed up part, almost every single dude at my table was shorter than me! I mean are there any tall men who want to speed date in Atlanta? Are there any creative, witty, quick on their feet men in Atlanta that could swoon me in 2 minutes? Besides, I don’t need two minutes to know if we are compatible enough to go on a first date, I flow with energy; chemistry, a magnetic connection, and a good smelling cologne doesn’t hurt. Not one of the men that sat at my table did I see any potential with, except of course, the very last date of the night for me…and it was a celebrity, Big Tigger. But again, he was just filling in, but hey, I thought there was a connection there.

I heard back from one of the function’s organizer through text message…where they do that? She said I matched with some dude I didn’t even remember meeting. I had three men that I etched their names and numbers in my head, so I have no clue what “system” they used to match me, but either way, I texted ol girl back and told her she bet not share my contact information with the match and thank you for your time.

Le sigh. Maybe next time. But until then…

Smooches sugas!